Monday, November 13, 2006

The Final Lies

9. If I don't find him soon, I will have to sacrifice some of my deepest convictions about marriage in order to find him.

10. I need to flirt and go out with more men--that way I'll surely find the one God has planned for me!

Ok, it took me a long time to get through the list of lies. I'm doing these two together because they go together.

Do you believe that you should marry a Christian? What are your beliefs on divorce and remarriage? What about children? Those are a very few of the questions you should ask yourself before marrying someone. And, once you have a solid answer, why would you change it just to have a wedding ring? See, your convictions will help you to be sure that the man you are about to say "I do" to will help you to grow in your walk as a Christian. An example in my life is my conviction on divorce and remarriage. After much study and consideration, I came to believe that God absolutely abhors divorce, and that if one does divorce--although not the preferred option--remarriage is not an option. Again, that is my view. Not all Christians agree, and this is not a post on divorce and remarriage. But, I knew that I would not marry someone who had been divorced. I am glad that I don't have to deal with all of the issues that come along with that. I would not have married a non-Christian. Period. You see, if you abandon your convictions in order to get married, you'll most likely only put them on hold for awhile. Later, after some time being married, they'll start to nag you...they'll resurface. You'll either struggle with feelings of guilt or you'll suddenly expect your husband to change to fit those convictions. But, if you put aside your convictions to get married, the consequences are a result of your choices. Don't forget that!

*Note--I'm talking about theological, Biblical convicitons--not the "I want him to have brown hair" or "But, dinner is always at 5pm!" stuff!

Lie number 10--Don't flirt. One--it's really not becoming. I know all of the hip women's magazines encourage it, but since when do daughters of the King take their advice from the hip women's magazines? (They now tell high school seniors how to end Prom Night in bed with their date...really...I've seen those magazines!)

Why not flirt?

One: In a way, you're giving a piece of yourself--your heart, your gaze, your emotions--to someone who very well may not end up being your husband. If he's not your husband, does he deserve any part of you? (A preacher at our latest youth gathering put it this way, "Nobody has the right to touch the daughter of the King except the person the King has approved.")

Two: What if the one God has planned for you isn't the one you think he is, but he's present when you're fliriting? He might be turned off by it, and he might think, "God, you must be kidding!"

Three: Think about your future daughter. Think about how you want her to behave around men--around godly, solid, Christian men. Act like that.

Four: Many godly, solid, single Christian men are turned off by flirtatious women. Read Proverbs and look for all of the advice given to avoid that type of woman!

Five: Finally, if you are trusting God with your love life--HONESTLY trusting Him, you don't need to flirt. He'll provide your husband in His moment and in His way.

My dear sister, live free! God has set you free to love Him and to adore Him and to enjoy your relationship with Him! Love Him...obey Him...and be the Woman of God that He has designed you to be. Seek first HIS kingdom and His righteousness, and all other things will be added.

I'll be praying for you.


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Hi Greta, thank you so much for the writings, i have been really reminded and ecouraged, i do pray that the Lord will continue to enable you to write on your Blog that many may be encouraged through the wisdom that God displyas in you.

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