Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Lie 5. I cannot express my "maternal instincts" if I do not marry.

Simply stated: NOT TRUE!

Perhaps while you live the single life you will not actually become a mother, but the idea of expressing maternal instincts can be a reality in the life of a single woman. God created women to be caretakers. And, while this modern age negates what I am about to say, women have a built in, God given desire to "mother." How can one express that desire outside of marriage? Believe it or not, it is possible.

In some other posts I mentioned the joyous times I have had with nephews, my niece, and several of my "missionary" nephews and nieces. While I realize that being a mother carries much more responsibilities and efforts than being an aunt or a friend does, I believe that God has allowed me to express my "maternal instincts" by allowing me to care for and 'love on' the children of others.

Be creative and seek to involve yourself in the lives of families around you. Learn to truly involve yourself in the lives of the children of those families. I will list below some examples I have learned to incorporate into my own life. Remember, I am married but I still have no children of my own! So, I still seek to express those maternal instincts as well!

* Have an "all day camp" in your home. Instead of seeing it as "babysitting," try to view it as a way to get to know children and give their mom's a break for a day. Believe me, you will have to break out those maternal instincts!
* Have a slumber party. Again, this gives the mom's a break and you will be the one dealing with monsters in the closet for at least a night!
* Remember special days and moments in the lives of the children around you. Invite the one celebrating for a special dinner or activity with you.
* Spend time--a lot of time--with families. Believe me, when you have established a good relationship with a mom, she will appreciate the efforts you make to care for her children.
* Change diapers for your friend's babies. This will not only relive your friend for a few minutes, but it's a great training moment!

The possibilities are endless--really! Below you'll find links to two books I found extremely helpful. Both of these amazing sisters in Christ share information related to this topic. (And, to many of the other items touched so far!) While you visit the links, check out their main pages.

Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye? by Carolyn McCulley

Singled Out For Him by Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Well, we're half way there! I'm hoping to get 6-10 done more quickly than 1-5! :) We'll see what happens!


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