Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lie #3: I cannot truly use my gifts and talents as a woman until I am married.


Some women never marry. Some women never have children. Whether you marry or not, have children or not, if you are a woman--you are a woman! Having said that, I wish to point out that your gifts and talents come from God. God created you and He has equipped you uniquely to fulfill the plans He has made for you. As a single woman, you have many abilities and gifts that you must learn to use now. Why wait to use them if you do not know the day or the hour when God will allow you to marry?

As a child I discovered that I enjoyed learning from my mother how to cook and bake. As I grew into a woman, I developed that talent and I learned to share it with others. Some of the most fulfilling moments in my relationships with others are spent around the table enjoying a homecooked meal. I simply love trying new recipes and fixing up the table with the "nice" dishes and adornments to share a meal with friends. I learned early on in my single years that I did not need to wait for marriage to share that talent. For years I have invited other single friends--and sometimes couples--to my house to share a meal and experience the joy of communion around a table. God has used those moments in my life, as well in the lives of otheres, incredibly!

God has also given me an incredible love for children and youth, and the ability to realte to them. I definitely have not left that area unused or unfulfilled. I still do not have children of my own, but I have loved on, counseled, and discipled those that have come into my life. I have 8 nephews and 1 niece. I have changed diapers, wiped away tears, cradled little ones falling asleep, driven ball players to practice, and on and on and on. Will I ever have children? I don't know what God has planned; however, until that moment, I have learned to develop my gifts and talents in that area in the friendships I have with the children of my family and friends.

Use your talents now! God has not given you gifts and talents to hide them for "some day." Buy some fancy dishes and some candles and have friends over for a gourmet dinner. (If you can't cook it--buy it!) Invite some children over for play times or give your married with kids friends a "parents' night out" and let the kids spend the night at your place. Write that book. Compose that song. Plant a zillion flowers in the flower bed. Whatever it is that God has gifted you to do, do it now.

One last thought. One of my favorite missionary stories from my years at Camp Little Cross Roads was the story of two retired missionaries who fell in love. John (I believe that was his name) was a widower. Edith had never been married. They met and fell in love at an emeritus missionary's conference. Edith was in her 80's when they met and she had priorly served faithfully for many years in Brazil--as a single woman. Think of how many people would have missed out on the blessings God had in store for them if she had said, "Not now, Lord. I'll save these talents up until you allow me to marry." Thank the Lord for godly examples like Edith!

If you still don't find yourself convinced--reread Psalm 139 again...memorize it...and live life fully, now.


Blogger Brandy said...

Greta, you are such an inspiration to me! I love you dearly (and miss you!) And I totally remember the missionary couple...I'll never forget watching them walk hand in hand to the vesper garden...it brought tears to my eyes!

Did I say I miss you? I wish we could chat!

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