Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lie #4. I will never find fulfillment as a single woman.

This will be a short post. Fulfillment is a word that runs rampant in the advertising business. We have sodas, chocolates, vacations, and an infinite range of new and exciting products that promise fulfillment. All of those things simply provide temporary fulfillment. Only Jesus Christ provides the eternal fulfillment that our souls long to experience.

Our culture sets so many defining marks for people to reach for. We graduate from high school, we go to college, we find our spouse in college, we get a job, we take some graduate study classes, we advance in our job, and on and on and on. Somehow, single christian women have been led to believe that if they do not marry (and in their 20's!) and care for their home, husband, and kids that they will never quiet find fulfillment in life. One author went so far as to say that no woman will ever be complete until she marries and has children. Do I believe that God designed man and woman to marry and procreate? Yes, I do. Do I believe that we live in a fallen world where people remain single or marry and never have children? Yes, I do. You see, only a growing, intimate relationshiop with Christ frees me from the sinful world into which I was born. Only my life with Him makes me whole.

Please don't dream away the hours feeling empty inside because you don't have a husband. Do you want to know a secret? Most married women have moments of unfulfillment and emptiness--mostly when they let their relationship with Christ slip into a dull moment. Husbands don't fulfill! Christ does!

What about being a mom? How can a single woman ever find true fulfillment if she never has the chance to become a mom? I will address that in the next post.

To end today on a "lift-me-up" note, remember that statistics show that most people will marry. Don't think that God has abandoned you or that you have lost your chance to marry. Remember Edith, a former missionary to Brazil who married for the first time in her 80's. She had to be one of the happiest and most beautiful blushing brides I have ever seen in my life.

Let Jesus fulfill your sould today!


Blogger Erin said...

And I actually find myself feeling the opposite way sometimes (God, forgive me). "If I wasn't tied down to my husband and kids, I could be off galavanting the globe. Or having late night coffee with the girlfriends. Or taking seminary and graduate school classes."

Our sinful nature is so prone to dissatisfaction. No matter what our situation is, we often believe that the grass is greener on the other side. Believe me, I am where I am right now, in this moment, because my Good Shepherd has decided that THIS grass is GOOD for ME. It's plenty green and just exactly what I need to grow into a healthy lamb of Jesus.
(Not to mention the fact that if I weren't married, I'd have no one to bank roll all those classes and excursions I dream about.)

12:29 PM  
Blogger gretalynn said...

Great insight, Erin, and so true. I married at age 35 after years of doing everything on my own--on my terms. Thankfully, God brought us together in His time and with His circumstances, so the adjustments haven't been so difficult. Those moments, however, creep in when I think, "Oh, why can't I just jump in the car and go to the movies whenever I want to anymore?" But, it's not all about me!

My grass is green, too! :)

8:47 PM  

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