Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lie Number 8...the List

Have you ever made a list of gifts you want for Christmas? I was a gift hungry little girl in my younger years, so every year I had quite a long list. My parents certainly didn't have the resources to buy every single gift on those lists. I often awoke on Christmas morning to find one item from that list under the tree. But, to my awe and joy I often found several other "little" gifts that never made my list. Those little gifts surprised me and I delighted in the loving touches my parents demonstrated to me by finding things that fit my person and character more than the "stuff" I thought I wanted from the outstart.

Friends, ladies, countrywomen...we've made a grave error by making "perfect guy lists!" Before you click the back button...or search for a new website...hear me out.

"Should I just accept any 'ole guy who comes my way, then?" you say to me--a bit sarcastically or angrily, because I've just challenged the list. No, of course you should not just accept any 'ole guy. My friends and I used to play the "the next guy who walks in with blue shoes on will be my husband" game. I don't recommend it.

Having a good idea of the Godly characteristics and qualities a man should have before you agree to declare your lifelong love for him is rather wise. "He's a Christian, that's good enough" doesn't cut it. Does he have the characteristics and qualities that he needs to have to accept the position of husband?

The list. Why am I so "anti-list?" It's not that I'm anti-list. It's just that it seems to me that many Christian women unknowingly sell themselves short because instead of allowing God to provide them a good and perfect gift, they look for all kinds of characteristics that they want. What I'm saying is that often our list is based more on what we think we need (want) in a man than what God knows He will provide to make us more godly. Am I losing you? Stick with me.

It comes down to this. Do you want to have to fit a list perfectly before a wonderful, strong, man of God asks you to be his wife? (If Angel had a list, I don't want to see it!) You see, I had ideas of things I would like in a man...who doesn't! But God continues to surprise me with things I hadn't thought of--or things I said "no way" to and He knows me more than me.

Bottom line: Are you willing to trust God to provide you with the man HE has planned for you--in His time and in His way? If the answer is yes, I challenge you to stop clinging to the list and simply enjoy God. Let Him pamper you and cherish you and lead you to the One He has for you.

His list is perfect.


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