Monday, January 29, 2007

Out of Touch

Hello, my friends!

Have you ever felt out of touch? Perhaps your communication with a dear friend waned. Maybe you left a loved home and found yourself in a new community. I do believe that all of us go through moments of disconnectedness--moments of insecurity and uncertaint. Sadly, often those moments tend to lead us slowly down a path away from our Creator, rather than into His comforting arms. I know. I have lived it, too.

I seemed to have disappeared from this blog. Actually, it seems that I have disconnected with the world. Thankfully, past experiences of allowing myself to retreat from God have taught me that in these moments of change I must cling to Him, because He is the only constant in my life.

I have returned to blogging. I'd like to get this blog going again. More input, more ideas, more real life testimonies of godly women.

Since we "walked through" some singleness issues (at times times leaping), the next few posts will simply share some real life stories. Some will be filled with love, while others will echo lament. All, I hope, will encourage each of us to seek God's face.

Let's get un-disconnected together!

PS--I have been reading Choosing God's Best by Dr. Don Raunikar lately. I bought it when I attended seminary and never read it. It's mainly written for singles, but it's rather insightful for any woman--or man. Check it out!